About Me

The driven motivation for establishing MA Recruitment is because of my burning desire to provide the necessary support to local Kent businesses. My passion is not just to live in Kent but also work and add value to the local community I love.

I have supported many industries over the years, cutting across the public and private sector, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Education, Media, Manufacturing, and more, recruiting diverse talents and dependable workforce for different industries.

I love building great relationships, and I have an incredible capacity to successfully connect employers with the right employees that will take their business to the next level. My job is to help your business succeed.

Besides working as a 360 degrees recruiter, I equally have 16 years' experience of training and managing teams, both in my businesses and in supporting and managing other organisations. Therefore, I correctly understand the cost, both in monetary terms and the time cost of recruiting the right employees and what it takes to keep them, which makes me your seasoned and go-to recruiter.


I have decided to partner with KAB, a charity providing support to people with vision impairment to become self-dependent. They are based in Kent, and in 2020, they will be having their centenary celebration.

KAB logo with name block
Proud supporters of the Kent Association for the Blind

My decision to support this charity is motivated by the desire to help people experiencing vision impairment or vision loss. My husband was diagnosed with Keratoconus and being a degenerative condition; he has received two cornea transplants in the last few years to save his sight. He has experienced numerous complications and an unexpected accident, which led to the loss of vision in one of his eyes. We have had to change our lives and face huge uncertainties, a charity like KAB provides support to people like us.